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Services Offered

TerrenceTech of TechSupportTeam Currently supports PC/Windows based platforms:

Laptop/Desktop Repair:

We repair all laptop and desktop models. Our services include: Hard drive replacement, Memory replacement/upgrades, LCD replacement (laptop), CPU & CPU fan replacement, Motherboard replacement (laptop and desktop), etc.

(All laptop/desktop repair jobs has a 1 - 5 day turn around depending on the issues involved).

Virus Removal:

We perform full antivirus removal from all computer systems.

Antivirus Support:

We supply professional antivirus programs for clients.

Network Administration:

We provide technical support for home and small business networks.

Data Backup/Recovery:

We provide data backup, data recovery and data restore services. Data services can be performed only if hard drive is recognized by our specialized system.

Password Recovery:

Lost or forgot your password login to your computer? We can help! We can recover/reset your password so you can regain access to your computer and files without losing your data.

Remote Tech Support:

We provide remote tech support as well as on site services.

Desktop/ Laptop Support:

We provide desktop/ laptop support for windows 10, (for older systems) 8.1, 8, 7

PC Cleaning:

Has it been a few months? A year perhaps? Dust can easily build up and clog the computer, eventually overheating the parts inside and blowing your system out. At that point; it's game over.

Fortunately, we can help. Members of our tech support team will periodically clear dust and grime build up from your computer to ensure longevity and a smooth performing system.

Home Office Support:

For home office networks, we provide technical network support for router install, configuration and troubleshooting. Home network setup for server based or peer to peer network.

Small Business Support:

We provide technical support for server based networks, hardware/software support, group policy settings, password management, router and switch support and Ethernet cabling, etc.

For preventive measures, all computer systems are scanned with diagnostic software in order to ensure state and quality of components before we work on them. 

Education Services

TerrenceTech provides walk-thru, set up, and computer based learning for clients (hardware & software). No matter how non-technical or technical you may be, there's no shortage in having a helping hand.

Educational services provided for:

Contact Us at [email protected] for details.